How to use this template:

This template is designed to be used by anyone to showcase their works and projects in open source during the 100 days of the open source challenge. The main idea is to have a tracker for your work and be able to use it as a portfolio. Since it will include:


What is open source challange

The "100 Days of Open Source" challenge is designed for people to contribute to open source projects for 100 days straight. The challenge is meant to encourage anyone to improve their skills, gain experience working on open-source projects, and make a meaningful impact on the open-source community.

Starting with open source is easy, but it could be overwhelming at the beginning, which is why this template is being designed. We will help you set goals, track them, and even suggest a few first stepson open source if you are a beginner or expert.

The challenge is not meant only for developers. If you are a writer, a teacher, or a designer, you can still attend this challenge and get into the open-source world.

Setting Goal

Setting a goal for your challenge would be helpful for you, yet some people can start without having a specified goal. Having a goal of only exploring open source is valid!

You can set a specific goal from the beginning for the whole challenge, which would be wide and set milestones for that. Or even explore for while then get back to write your goals here.

Some examples of goals could be: